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Individually Customized Massage Therapy

At New York Massage Zone, we pride ourselves in developing one of the most detailed massage spa experiences for you in Coral Springs. All your massage therapy services are customized to the pressure that you will most benefit from. Our trained massage therapists will use the right techniques and pressure to ensure that each client will enjoy the best massage therapy benefits for their needs.

Open Hours

Monday ~ Saturday 10am - 6:30pm
After 6 PM By Appointment Only
*Sunday : Closed
Please Call (954) 906-5107 To Schedule An Appointment.

What is Tui-Na?

Tui-Na is Chinese massage

It is an ancient form of Chinese therapeutic deep-tissue bodywork. It brings stimulation to the muscles and circulation, and targets the body's energy meridians. It allows blocked energy to flow. It is based on ancient Chinese medical principles, which teach health as a balance between Yin and Yang, and an unblocked flow of "Qi," or vital energy.

Qi-Gong is the ancient Chinese practice of controlling the flow of vital energy. Bruce Lee, Jet Li and other martial artists have used it to perfect their skill. Qi-Gong bodywork masters use it capture and direct energy within your body for energy and health. Qi-Gong uses the body's energy corridors (meridians) to diagnose and treat a large number of conditions, such as Pain, Stress, Tension, Fatigue, Insomnia, Depression, and Impotence.

Massage Therapy Benefits

Pain Management

  1. Relieves muscle tension

    by enhancing blood flow, which causes muscles to relax

  2. Decreases inflammation

    by activating genes that naturally reduce swelling

  3. Reduces pain intensity

    by diminishing bodily substances that create and prolong pain

  4. Improves recovery

    by stimulating mitochondria, the "energy packs" driving cellular function and repair

Health Benfits

  1. Improves circulation

    which delivers more oxygen and nutrients to cells, benefitting the heart, muscles, and vital organs

  2. Stimulates lymphatic system

    which "cleanses" cellular waste materials and can result in increased energy

  3. Helps control blood pressure

    which reduces risk for heart attack and stroke

  4. Reduces anxiety, promotes relaxation and emotional well-being

    which may prevent onset of depression