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Our mission is to give you the right massage, with the right therapist, at the right price!

Living in a fast-paced world is stressful and often we forget to take care of ourselves. You need to slow down your pace sometimes to recharge and reenergize to face the world again in your best condition.

New York Massage Zone's aim is to do just that. We want to get you in your best condition so, you can go live the life you wish at your best. We believe that the better your body feels, the more confident and happier you will be. We offer various calming massages for both women and men in comfortable settings. We are confident that you will leave feeling stress-free and recharged!

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New York Massage Zone

Individually Customized Massage Therapy

Hot Stone Massage
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Health and Wellness

Therapeutic Signature, A true NY Massage Zone specialty

This massage combines the ancient eastern arts of health, balance and restoration. This dry massage is based on centuries old acupressure techniques to release stress and unblock the body's energy pathways.

Our therapist will also guide you through simple energy balancing movements to stimulate positive energy flow.

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